Riverside County Sheriff’s Department mourns the loss of second deputy to COVID-19

A second Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s deputy has died of complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus that is racking the world.
The RCSD on Friday, April 3, announced the death of Deputy David Werksman, a member of the agency’s bomb squad.
Werksman died on Thursday, April 2, 2020 — the same day the RCSD lost its first deputy to COVID-19. Deputy Terrell Young was a 15-year veteran of the agency.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones during this difficult time,” the Riverside Sheriff’s Association said in a statement Friday regarding the death of Werksman.

In a statement Thursday, April 2, regarding the death of Terrell Young, RSA President Bill Young said:

“We continue to urge everyone that this virus is real, it is deadly, and we should continue to maintain social-distancing as much as possible. Together, we will overcome these challenges and difficult days. Please stay safe and take care of one another during these unprecedented and extremely difficult times.”
Here is a complete statement from the RSA today, Friday, April 3, regarding the deaths of Young and Werksman:
Riverside, April 3, 2020 – For the second day in a row, the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association (RSA) is mourning the loss of a Deputy due to Coronavirus. Deputy David Werksman served the Department and the Association for 22 years. His death due to COVID-19 is the latest excruciating loss as a result of the silent killer COVID-19 for our Association and the law enforcement community. His death is a grim reminder of the risks that our members face every day, serving the public in the face of this pandemic.

We ask that the community keep Deputy Werksman’s family and colleagues in their prayers during this extremely emotional and challenging time. It is hard to imagine that just 24 hours ago, our Department was in pain due to the COVID-19 death of Deputy Terrell Young. Our members are heartbroken and hurting.

Deputy Werksman spent his life serving the community and working to make our Riverside County a better place. Deputy Werksman began his career with our Department on April 23, 1998, and worked assignments at the Robert Presley Detention Center, Jurupa Valley Station, Hazardous Device Team, Lake Elsinore Station, and was most recently assigned to Sheriff’s Administration. He was a very accomplished Deputy and was an FBI Certified Public Safety Bomb Technician, had an advanced IED electronics certification, was a HAZMAT Specialist and Radiologic/Nuclear First Responder, was a confined space rescue certified, a Rangemaster, First Aid/CPR Instructor and advanced scuba certified, just to name a few of his accomplishments. Deputy Werksman is survived by his wife and three children.

As first responders, Deputy Werksman and Deputy Young served on the front lines of an invisible beast. Yet, they both demonstrated in this crisis and every day their dedication and sacrifice. Their tragic deaths are a stark reminder of why we need the public to stay at home and to take this deadly virus seriously. We need everyone to take the public health warnings as if it’s life or death because it is. Please, help us help you and stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

The RSA currently has limited information. The Sheriff’s Department will release additional details as they become available. The family is requesting privacy at this time.