Sacramento County deputy killed and two CHP investigators are wounded


The Sacramento County’s Sheriff’s Department reported the death of Deputy Robert French on Wed., Aug. 30. Deputy French was assisting with a stolen vehicle investigation when he was shot and killed.

According to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, members of a vehicle theft task force were at a Ramada Inn when they observed two women get into a Dodge Challenger. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and a chase ensued. The vehicle crashed and both women were arrested.

Investigators responded back to the Ramada Inn for further investigation. Upon knocking, two California Highway Patrol investigators were shot through the front door.

Deputy French was at the back and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. According to news reports, the suspect was armed with a high-power assault rifle.

Deputy French was struck in the side and died on the way to the hospital, said Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sgt. Tony Turnbull.

The suspect fled the location in a vehicle, crashing nearby. He again exchanged gunfire with pursuing officers. The suspect was taken into custody. He is in critical condition at this time.

Both CHP officers are expected to recover from their injuries, according to Sgt. Turnbull.

“It was an extremely dynamic, horrific series of events that have occurred,” said Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones during a news conference.

The investigation is still in its beginning phases, with possible additional suspects to be arrested.

Deputy French was 52 and a 21-year veteran of the department. He is survived by his children, grandchildren and girlfriend.