Six ways Fullerton PD deters holiday thieves and burglars


Thieves and burglars beware: Fullerton police officers are looking for you.

Using data from past Decembers, the police department forecasts that 44 homes and 36 cars will be burglarized between now and New Year’s Day. 

Here are six ways the police department plans to stay a step ahead of the crooks.

Police presence: Expect to see patrol cars and cops at shopping centers, particularly at night.

Probation and parole sweeps: The most opportunistic thieves are career criminals, so police officers will check on thieves who were recently released from prison and jail.

Supplement patrols: Detectives in unmarked cars will assist patrol teams at shopping centers and in areas where burglaries are most common.

Communication: Senior volunteers are canvassing shopping centers and handing out fliers to shoppers with tips on how to prevent theft. Lock your car doors. Hide your stuff. If you’re away from home, ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your newspaper and mail and leave some lights on.

Bait cars: The police department leaves valuables in “decoy” cars to lure thieves – then they arrest them.

Strategic patrols: The police department analyzes past burglary data to identify hot spots – the areas most likely to be burglarized – and spends more time patrolling and watching those homes.