Survey says: Public urged to participate in City of Anaheim’s Hazard Mitigation Plan


With the disaster flick “San Andreas” barreling past the $100 million mark in domestic grosses, it’s clear moviegoers enjoy watching cities get destroyed.

In real life, however, no one wants to experience the massive California earthquake depicted in the flick starring Dwayne Johnson.

In the spirit of making the City of Anaheim more resilient in the event of a disaster, Anaheim Fire & Rescue and the city are asking for the public’s help.

Through June 30, the public is being asked to go online (click here) to take a survey that is part of the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Every five years, the City of Anaheim prepares a Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify all elements of the city that could be affected by a disaster such as an earthquake, flood or wildfire.

“Similar to an itemized list that a homeowner prepares for their residence, we are seeking the public’s input on elements within our city that concern them in the event of a disaster,” said Anaheim Fire Chief Randy Bruegman.

“The public’s participation is extremely important and vital to the success of the Plan,” he added.

The Plan will contain a comprehensive review of the natural disasters that are most likely to occur in Anaheim and projects that the city can undertake to minimize those risks.

The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on a draft later this fall.

Once completed, a final draft of the plan will be forwarded to the Anaheim City Council for consideration.

If you have any questions regarding the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan or questions related to public participation, please contact Cindy Owens, Anaheim Fire & Rescue Emergency Manager at or (714) 765-4051.

File photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

File photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC