Talk consent over coffee with Pasadena Police Department


In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Pasadena Police Department and Peace Over Violence invited the community to stop for a cup of coffee and conversation with local law enforcement  and advocates who serve the neighborhood.

The event was held at the Jackie Robinson Community Center and included information from Los Angeles Crime Stoppers, Peace Over Violence, Planned Parenthood, Commission on the Status of Women and Pasadena Police Department.

Peace over violence also provided details on the upcoming national event, Denim Day, scheduled for Wednesday, April 24.

“On Denim Day, you were jeans for a purpose, for a message,” said Melissa Morales, Empowerment Self-Defense Program Manager for Peace Over Violence. “We come to Pasadena  once a week and work with the Pasadena Police Department on being a resource for the community. We can all work together.”