Top January stories drew national, international headlines


A hair-raising story raised eyebrows from around the globe.

The tale involved Sean Salazar, an undercover Garden Grove Police narcotics officer who allowed a reporter and photographer to tag along as he cut his hair for the first time in more than five years.

The story not only generated more than 15,000 Facebook likes, it was also picked up by New York Daily News and Toronto Sun news sites, among others.

It wasn’t the only story to make headlines – and it wasn’t even the most popular story of the month.

That honor went to Fullerton Police Officer Denny Bak, and his reunion with a former meth addict whose arrested was life-changing. The story received more than 30,000 Facebook likes – the most ever for a story.

The NY Daily News also picked up our third most viewed story of the month – the incredible death-defying tale of Westminster Police Commander Bill Collins.

Here are the top stories in January:

Fullerton Police Suspect Utters Surprising Words From Back of Patrol Car

Undercover Garden Grove Cop Survives Hair-Raising Ordeal

Huntington Beach police officer builds ties with deaf community

Meet Bill Collins, the Westminster Police officer who came back from the dead

Police officers, educators support Fullerton family during time of unimaginable loss