Tustin police arrest 75-year-old driver in connection with death of pedestrian


Tustin police have arrested a 75-year-old man wanted on a vehicular manslaughter warrant.

Tustin resident Jian Qiao was involved in a traffic accident March 29 on Newport Avenue at the 5 freeway underpass, police stated, which involved one vehicle and a pedestrian who was walking on the sidewalk when the car veered off the road and into the wall of the freeway overpass.

The pedestrian was killed when the driver turned the car abruptly at an unsafe speed and hit the pedestrian and the wall of the underpass. Police stated that the driver was attempting suicide during the collision.

“Based upon the investigation while it does not appear the driver intended to hit the pedestrian it was determined the driver was at fault in this incident and his actions caused the death of the pedestrian,” the Tustin Police Department stated.

Qiao was arrested on Wednesday, May 16.