Vargas: Houston officer pleads for help as uniformed security guard records his struggle with a dangerous criminal


A uniformed Houston, TX police officer was engaged in a struggle with a shooting and robbery suspect in the parking lot of a gas station. As he struggled to take the suspect into custody, spectators simply watched and recorded the incident.

One unidentified person did attempt to assist the officer and another woman in scrubs yelled at the suspect to stop resisting or he was going to make things worse.

In what is being described on social media as the “worst security guard ever” a uniformed security guard simply watched with her cell phone out and appeared to recording the incident.

The officer sees her and yells “Help me!” as she continues to record. Out of what can only be described as sheer frustration he adds, “Stop f****** filming and help me!” She continues to film.

The entire incident speaks volumes about the type of society in which we live. We are obsessed with capturing moments like this for 15 minutes of fame on social media. In the meantime, a police officer is risking his life to take a dangerous suspect into custody. How dangerous? The Houston police association president said the suspect’s girlfriend hid her boyfriend’s gun in the bushes while the officer was trying to take him into custody.

According to NBC news, the security guard has been fired. It is important to note she was not the only spectator filming the event.

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