Vargas: Sickening ‘knockout’ game shows the depths of disgusting depravity of some thugs


In the past few days a video was posted on Facebook showing an elderly man falling victim to some young thugs playing the “knockout” game. Without any provocation, the suspect laughs as the videographer eggs him on. Then, with a big smile, he punches the small, elderly man in the face, knocking him unconscious.

The video is disturbing and will make you angry. For some, it might even make you sick to your stomach.

If you haven’t heard about this sick “game,” the intent is to pick some random victim. The thugs then videotape the assault. I can’t claim to understand the sick mentality of anyone who would do something like this.

There is something truly sadistic and abnormal about this type of behavior.

The saddest part is if the victim didn’t sustain any serious injuries, the case may be treated as a simple aggravated assault.

As of this posting, thanks to the power of social media, it looks like the suspect and his friend may have been identified. As of this writing, it is an ongoing investigation (no word on the condition of the victim).

What every police officer knows is there is no shortage of people like this. Police officers run into them all the time. Oftentimes they are absolute cowards when the police confront them.

I would guess this suspect would fall into that category.

A thug who would do this usually has no respect for any form of authority and the only thing he understands is violence.

Hopefully you will never meet anyone like the heartless, evil-minded jerk in this video. But believe me, people like him walk the streets every day just looking to victimize people.

We should be thankful for the men and women across the country who oftentimes stand between you and them.

Joe is a retired Anaheim Police Department captain. You can reach him at