Westminster officer rescues residents from house fire


A Westminster police officer was recently commended after helping two residents escape from their burning home.

Officer Derek Link responded to a residential fire on July 5 in the 10000 block of Cabo Drive.

When he arrived, he saw two residents in the home walking inside and he called for them to come out, police said.

Link said the residents seemed confused and were walking around aimlessly in the home.

The residents did not respond to Link’s calls so he entered the house and physically guided them to safety.

“Officer Link could feel the extreme heat above him, but was left with no choice and had to enter the home and remove the two individuals before they were hurt or killed,” Cmd. Bill Collins wrote in the commendation. “By entering the home under such circumstances, … Link exemplified bravery and the act of selflessness.”

One woman suffered burns to her face and hands from the extreme heat of the fire. She was taken to the hospital and released the next day, police said.

The other resident was not hospitalized.

Link was honored with a report of recognition from Westminster Police Chief Kevin Baker.