Westminster PD finds boy allegedly abducted by grandmother


Westminster police have arrested a woman suspected of abducting her 5- year-old grandson from a local fast-food restaurant Monday night.

Police found the missing boy on Thursday, Oct. 9, in Westminster with his grandmother. He was unharmed, and in good health, police said.

The grandmother, Jessica Truong, 56, of Garden Grove, was with her grandson and his parents at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant at Beach Boulevard and Trask Avenue on Monday, Oct. 6, police said.

The mother and father have been engrossed in a custody dispute and the family met to have dinner to discuss the matter, police said.

At about 10:45 p.m., police said the mother and father went outside to talk.

Police are looking for Jessica Truong, who is suspected of abducting her grandson.

Jessica Truong was arrested under suspicion of child abduction.

Truong took the child out a side door and left the location on foot while the parents were distracted, police said.

When the parents returned to the restaurant to discover their son gone, they called police.

Detectives worked continuously for three days to locate the boy, police said.

Truong was arrested under suspicion of child abduction.