WPD officers honored for use of restraint during attempted stabbing


Three Westminster police officers were recently honored after they safely apprehended a knife-wielding suspect who attacked another man at a halfway house.

Officers Ryan Reyes, Scott Gump and Brian Emerson responded to reports of an attempted stabbing on Oct. 9 at a home in the 14000 block of Moran Street.

The victim came out and said another resident in the halfway house tried to stab him, police said.

The suspect was still inside the home carrying the knife.

Reyes, Gump and Emerson devised a plan to approach the suspect after entering the home.

When the officers were inside, the suspect was holding a six-inch knife and ignoring their commands to drop the weapon.

The suspect then darted into a back bedroom, police said.

The man quickly came out of the bedroom, this time with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

He drew the knife from his pocket and threw it at the officers’ feet.

The suspect was then arrested, police said.

Cmdr. Bill Collins nominated the officers for a department report of recognition for their conduct in a potentially dangerous situation.

“They entered … with a plan and had a positive outcome,” Collins said. “Their use of restraint with a suspect like this is commendable and an excellent example of teamwork.

“I truly believe because of the way they handled this situation, they saved the suspect’s life.”

Reyes, Gump and Emerson in November were honored with the recognition award from Police Chief Kevin Baker.