10 reasons why job seekers should apply at Bakersfield Police Department


The Bakersfield Police Department currently has a number of openings for police officers to join a force with a big city personality and a small-town disposition. The Department is seeking entry-level trainees, academy graduates, and experienced lateral officers to join its ranks. Employees of the Bakersfield Police Department can expect a wide variety of career opportunities, while also enjoying an unparalleled quality of life.

We had a chance to sit down with David Lyman, manager of Visit Bakersfield, who loves telling tourists
and prospective new residents why Bakersfield is the Golden State’s hidden gem. He shared some of his favorite reasons to the question:  Why Bakersfield?

1. Bakersfield is the ninth largest City in California between Oakland at number eight and Anaheim at
number ten. It is larger than Pittsburgh or Honolulu, but still retains an old-fashioned small town
feel. The city spans nearly 150 square miles, and is a mix of urban, suburban, and rural

2. Bakersfield has an award-winning casual dining scene that showcases the regions diversity. Several
of Bakersfield’s restaurants have received national attention after being showcased on Food
Network’s Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives. Bakersfield’s French-Basque influence is apparent at
longstanding mainstays like Woolgrower’s and Pyrenee’s, and Bakersfield’s own Nuestro Mexico
features The Best Tacos in California, according to Thriliist. 

3. The cost of living in Bakersfield is significantly less than anywhere else in the Golden State. New
transplants from Los Angeles or the Bay Area are often surprised at how affordable the area can be.
Some officers have even reported being able to buy a new home and a few off road toys to go along
with them.

4. The commute to work isn’t that bad. As Bakersfield has grown, so has its infrastructure. There
are not many places in town that can’t be reached in 15 minutes or less thanks to a dedicated
network of crosstown freeways and wide open roadways. Police facilities are strategically located
throughout the City and can be reached quickly and efficiently.

5. There’s plenty of housing for families of all sizes. There are newly built townhomes and lofts in the
downtown arts district, huge master planned communities by lakes and golf courses in the suburban
areas, and charming Victorian era homes in vintage neighborhoods just minutes away from Police
Headquarters. There is truly an architectural style and community to match anyone’s expectations.

River rafting is a way of life in Bakersfield. Photo courtesy Visit Bakersfield.







6. Bakersfield is known for its parks and recreation. Locals enjoy spending their weekends taking bike
rides on the City’s 30 miles of paved trails that stretch from the rural farm lands to the west, straight
into the heart of downtown, and beyond. The City takes pride in its 61 lush parks, four crystal clear
public pools, large public amphitheater, and much more. The Bakersfield Police Department patrols
the parks, bike path, and riverbed on bicycles and ATV’s to ensure they are safe for everyone.

7. It’s right in the middle of everything! Bakersfield may not be known for its beaches and cool
weather, but everyone knows that when the weekend calls, Pismo or Ventura are just a short drive
away. Or if the mountain life is more your speed, Frazier Park, Kernville, and Tehachapi are within
easy driving distance as well. 

8. Bakersfield residents take full advantage of the regions year-round sunny weather. Officers enjoy
spending their time off hiking at Wind Wolves Nature Preserve, watching the high-speed action at
Kern County Raceway Park or Famoso dragstrip, or even white-water rafting on the mighty Kern
River. Others find that Buena Vista Lake and Lake Ming are great for boating, jet-skiing, fishing and
camping with their families.

Murray’s Farms is a local Bakersfield favorite, with weekend family events, farmers market and a great way to celebrate the area’s agriculture.

9. Bakersfield is rooted in agriculture. As the largest exporter of almonds in the world, and the
headquarters for Grimmway Farms and Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield is known for hard work and its
citizens respect those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, including their first responders.

10. Bakersfield has a rich history. From its humble beginnings as one of the last outposts of the Wild
West to the oil boom and the invention of the Bakersfield Sound which makes Bakersfield the
“Nashville of the West,” this city is founded on tradition. 

The Park at Riverwalk in Bakersfield.

With these things in mind, it’s no wonder why anyone wishing to start a new career in law enforcement,
or why a veteran officer might want to make a new beginning, should consider applying for the
Bakersfield Police Department. 

Start your journey today! Learn more about career opportunities at BakersfieldPD.us  

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