Bakersfield Police Department expands its Investigations Division and seeks applicants who enjoy crime research


Bakersfield Police Department continues to expand its Investigations Division as the need for critical minds who can research crime trends (past and present) to help prevent them in the future. The use of Crime Analyst continues to grow at the departmental level, including a new position created for a Crime Analysis Supervisor who will oversee the unit and implement schedules, budgets, and organization.

The new position, which Bakersfield Police Department is recruiting for until Thursday December 29th, is a civilian position, but applicants will still be required to pass a background check similar to those of a police officer. 

We had a chance to get the inside details on what Bakersfield Police Department’s recruiting unit is looking for in a Crime Analysis Supervisor and what the position means for the department.

Get more details in the Q & A below:

What types of cases does the Crime Analyst work on?

Crime Analysis is housed in the Investigations Division of the Bakersfield Police Department. These positions research crimes – past and present – so we can look into how to prevent them. There’s also a level of analysis that looks into crime trends and similarities.

Has there been an increase in the need for crime analysts that requires this supervisor job to be created?

 The unit has expanded from one analyst to five to keep up with the ever-growing City of Bakersfield’s needs.  The Crime Analysis unit will assist with investigations and provide information to police officers on crime trends.  This unit is busy each day working with other members of the department on various assignments. No one case is the same, it’s different each day.

What types of past career experience would be good for this role?

Any law enforcement background is a plus – but we are also looking for candidates who have course work or training related to crime analysis. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Strong understanding of criminal information systems and statistics relating to crime analysis. 

What is the salary scale for this supervisor position?

$37.80 to $45.95

For details on minimum qualifications, head to and head to the Crime Analysis Supervisor position #01829